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Prinz vom Bründlfeld

(German Import)

(Hilda vom Bründlfeld X Ferro vom Bründlfeld)

Owner: William & Courtney Bastian
Breeder: Edmund Köppl

Prinz is our first Deutsch Drahthaar.  We spent many years researching DD’s and pedigrees, and keeping our ideals of conformation and hunt ability, we came across the perfect breeding of Hilda vom Bründlfeld to Ferro vom Bründlfeld.  We’re very grateful to work with such a dedicated, honest breeder as Edmund Köppl.  Prinz has shown great promise at 8 weeks old already, he’s a very bold, confident pup, with great pointing and tracking instinct.  Prinz earned a VJP 65.  Unfortunately Prinz’s bite went off, so he is now with a great family as their personal gun dog.

VDD Career Stats:
VJP 65

Health Stats:
Too young to test at this time

Date of Birth: 4/7/2013
ZB Nr: 222299

Pedigree for Prinz

Sire Ferro vom Bründlfeld Sire Gero IV vom Donaueck Sire Ero II v.d. Wupperaue
Dam Vini vom Donaueck
Dam Betty vom Bründlfeld Sire Nick v.d. Herzogstadt
Dam Anka v.d. Amper
Dam Hilda vom Bründlfeld Sire Luchs III v.d. Wupperaue Sire Karlo vom Landhagen
Dam Erle III v.d. Wupperaue
Dam Debby vom Bründlfeld Sire Sepp v. Wulften
Dam Betty vom Bründlfeld