Training with Claddagh

Training with Claddagh

Located in Western Montana, approx 40 min east of Missoula International Airport, our property is surrounded by approx 45,000 acres of public hunting land. We hunt dusky (blue) grouse and ruffed grouse on the mountains right out our backdoor. We are only a short drive away to get into pheasant, sharp-tailed grouse, sage grouse, Hungarian partridge, California quail and chukar. All dogs will be trained utilizing both pen-raised and wild birds.

Every dog is different, and we train each dog individually with methods to which they respond best. We develop each dog using their natural instinct with a positive, calm, and consistent approach.

We adhere strictly to our values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We care for and train your dogs as if they were our own. We are grateful for the opportunity to train your dog and we take immense pride of their progress

What To Expect

  • We only take 6-8 dogs at a time to ensure each dog gets a training session at least 5 days per week
  • Training sessions last 15 min – 1 hr
  • Each dog receives additional conditioning sessions at least 3 days per week
  • At drop off we will define your goals for your dog
  • You will receive an update of your dog at least once per week – follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to watch progress
  • You are welcome to visit as often as you would like
  • At least 1 hr consultation at time of pickup

What To Bring

  • Vaccination record of:
    • Rabies vaccine
    • Bordatella (kennel cough)
    • DHPPL vaccine
  • Medication for entire stay
    • flea/tick preventative
    • heartworm preventative
    • any other necessary meds
  • Payment 1 month in advance

What Not To Bring

  • Toys
  • Bedding
  • Training Equip
  • Food (all dogs are fed Purina Pro Plan)

Puppy Program

We like to start puppies in our program that are around 4-9 months old. This is a 2-3 month introductory course that is crucial to get your puppy on the right track to becoming an excellent bird dog. During this time your puppy will be exposed to a multitude of birds everyday to set a good foundation for pointing and retrieving. Puppies are properly introduced to gunfire, water, and different types of field cover. Response conditioning to basic commands is also done during this time. As well as running and socialzing with a pack of dogs of all different ages and breeds.

Started –Advanced Dogs

A started dog is one that can handle and quarter well in the field, point, and is steady to wing and shot. In addition, a finished dog is steady to fall, honors, and retrieves to hand. This is a program where we customize each dog’s training per owner’s request, which takes typically 4-6 months depending on level, specifics, and trainability of each dog.

Services available that can be substituted or added to your dog’s training:
-duck search
-bird/fur tracking and drags
-blind and marked retrieves
-antler shed hunting
-conditioned retrieve
-specific issue(s) your dog may have
-AKC hunt test training, testing & handling (all levels)
-JGHV training for VJP and HZP
-NAVHDA training, testing, and handling (all levels)

Basic Obedience

This program is available for all dog breeds. We will teach your dog basic obedience commands such as: sit, come, place, kennel, heel, stay, come, whoa, over, and down.

Private Sessions

We will work directly with you to focus on general training or specific problem areas. We strive to improve your handling abilities while sharpening your dog’s skills. Complimentary private sessions are provided with each program listed above. We feel it’s extremely important that you continue to handle your dog as it’s been trained, so that you and your dog work as a team. We set you up to have an ultimate hunting experience with your best bud!