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(UKC) CH Kimmax Camus At Claddagh MH UT 1

Owner: William & Courtney Bastian

Camus, aka “Baby Cay” is such a stunning dog in every aspect. He is William’s primary hunting companion for all game, mainly pheasant, duck, grouse, and geese, but is known to return with fur game on occasion. At just over 2 years old Camus achieved a NAVHDA Utility Prize 1 with 198 points.  Camus also quickly earned his AKC Master Hunter title at 3 years old.  He earned his UKC show champion title in one weekend, placing in Gun Dog group at all 4 shows.

Camus has an incredible coat and impeccable structure, and an amazing nose for scenting. He is full out 100% at everything he does. He’s a very honest dog in the field, always working for his handler, and anxious to please. We’ve never known another GWP/DD as appealing to the eye as Camus is, pictures just don’t do him justice….he is truly a must see dog, both up close and in the field. Camus is completely CHIC health tested with Excellent hips. He has the sweetest personality, just can’t say enough good things about this boy.

Camus has proven himself as an outstanding producer.  View Camus’ NAVHDA progeny report HERE

NAVHDA Career Stats
Natural Ability Test – Prize III
N-3, S-3, W-4, P-2, T-4, D-4, C-1 = 87 Points
Coat: Dense, Harsh

Utility Test – Prize I
Water – 44443, Field – 44443, T/OUT – 44444 = 198 Points
Coat: Medium Dense, Harsh

AKC Stats
Master Hunter – pass 6 times

Health Stats
Hips – Excellent
Elbows – Normal
vWD – Clear
Thyroid – Normal
CERF Eyes – Normal
Cardiac – Normal


Date of Birth: 5/3/09
AKC#: SR62286701
NAVHDA#: GW-007638
Height: 26.5″
Weight: 75#

Sire Watz Vom Liether-Moor Sire Giove Di Costa Rubea Sire Lord Vom Wildbarren Sire Falk III V D Wupperaue
Dam Franka Vom Wildbarren
Dam Olga Di Costa Rubea Sire Zorro V Hoper-Moor
Dam Quarah V Wulften
Dam Ronja Vom Liether Moor Sire Darko Vom Oechtringer-Forst Sire Birko V D Hohen Warf
Dam Katja Neuforsthaus
Dam Ondra Vom Liether-Moor Sire Mirko Vom Bockenhagen
Dam Janka Vom Liether-Moor
Dam Pauline II V Bockenhagen At Kimmax Sire Wero V Bockenhagen Sire Tell V Bockenhagen Sire Utz Vom Forstwald
Dam Britta Vom Birkenberg
Dam Nora V Bockenhagen Sire Janko V Schwaneburg
Dam Dixie V Bockenhagen
Dam Farah II V Bockenhagen Sire Troll Vom Kattensol Sire Jackel Neuforsthaus
Dam Isolde Vom Kattensohl
Dam Anna V.D. Wechter Mark Sire Janko V Schwaneburg
Dam Fahra Vom Ortfeld