Claddagh’s Once In A Blue Moon UTII

(GCH Claddagh’s Hotcakes At Sangrud JH NAIGCH Timo II V. Bockenhagen At Kimmax UT1 MH)


Owner: Beth Wiltshire and Dave Breen
Breeders: William & Courtney Bastian and Paul & Kristin Wehking

NAVHDA Career Stats
Natural Ability Test – Prize 1
N-4, S-4, W-4, P-4, T-4, D-4, C-4 = 112 points
Coat rated: Medium Dense, Medium Harsh

Utility Test – Prize II
Water – 44443, Field – 34223, T/OUT – 44433  = 175 Points
Coat Rated: Dense, Harsh

Career Stats
Senior Hunter – 2 legs
DockDogs Junior Jumper
Barn Hunt Assoc. – Rat Novice
UKC – Started Hunting Retriever

Health Stats

Date of Birth: 7/5/12

AKC#: SR74176506
NAVHDA#: GW-008642